Chris Baumann.

I have been using Legal Services of America for a few years now.  Without a doubt, they are the best around.  I would never have a transaction close without using their services.  I would never have one of my agents in my office that I manage, close a transaction without using their services.  They continuously strive to protect our clients.  They are always looking out for our benefit.  

You will always receive an immediate response from Alaina, Trudi, or Virgil.  I will forever use Legal Services of America.  I will forever be indebted to them as well.  I highly recommend for every real estate franchise, broker, manager, and agent to use them.  They are the best.  Period.

★ ~  James Joseph, Former co-owner of (6) real estate offices in Los Angeles and Orange County with 400 agents.

For decades the real estate industry has been troubled by the gap between Errors and Omission Insurance and the deductible.  Often disputes are settled just under the deductible amount frustrating owners of real estate companies, feeling like they paid extortion money in order to avoid lawsuits.

In that gap comes Virgil and Legal Services of America.  Now when there is the slightest sign of trouble, they are able to intervene preventing the conversation from going into the area where owners of brokerages are at a tremendous disadvantage.  LSOA is a real-time nightmare for those unscrupulous individuals that seek to damage the good name of reputable Realtors.  
★ ~ Chad & Alicia W

Alaina B***** was very helpful and communicative during our mediation process. She helped us come to a resolution with the other party and stay away from court fees. She was honest, realistic, and always got back to us when she said she would. Would have loved a more substantial amount, however, we are pleased with the services provided.

★ ~Linda S.

The best part about buying our house was LSOA, Inc.!!! if we didn’t have you we would have been out thousands more. THANK YOU!!!!! We worked with Alaina M B***** she is the best!!! Was always there for us no matter what time.  Very quick to respond to emails and phone calls. A pleasure to work with.

★ ~ Durga B. 
I am very satisfied with the services provided by LSOA, Inc., Thank You! Thank you Alaina B*****!!!

★ ~ Cyd P. 
I would highly recommend Legal Services of America. Alaina B***** was excellent and very knowledgeable. I will continue to use their services on every transaction. My clients were very impressed and appreciative to have this support.

★ ~ Rene C.
LSOA did a fantastic job following up on my case and keeping me informed throughout the process. Their Legal Department went above and beyond to ensure the matter was resolved promptly, and put my best interest first. They are great at what they do.

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