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Brokers ~ Agents

Brokers ~ Agents  

Services provided by a Licensed Real Estate Attorney:

When you are a member of Legal Services of America our network of attorneys will assist you with:

* Attorney consultations on any realestate non-dispute, transactional question * Document review (up to 16 pages)
* Cease & Desist Letters to eliminate the threat of a lawsuit
* In-office consulation for the threat of a lawsuit
* Mediation & Arbitration Benefits
* Commission Collection assistance
* Deposit Dispute resolution
* Small claims court assistance and appeal representation
* E&O Insurance deductible coverage
* DRE Defense
* Association or Board of REALTORS® complaints
* Risk Managment Program for Buyers & Sellers
*Reduced Attorney fees on any additional legal services needed

All services require pre-approal and have certain limitations and restrictions, which are clearly defined in our Risk Management Agreement.  

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