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Mediation / ResolutionBrokers and Agents Risk Management Program. This program through our network of attorneys provides legal protection, lawsuit prevention, document review, commission collection, mediation benefits, DRE defense, deductible coverage, and more.  Combined with our Buyer/Seller Risk Management Program you have complete legal protection throughout the transaction.


Information, Mediation, ArbitrationServices provided by a Certified Mediator (who is not an attorney). Legal Services of America provides informal mediation services to bring about early resolution of most disputes. To resolve any dispute between buyers, sellers, or any third party involving the covered transaction.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Legal Services of AmericaWhen buying or selling real estate, there may be times you need legal advice.  The purchase or sale of a property is one of the most important investments you will ever make.  Through Legal Services of America’s Risk Management Program, our network of attorneys will assist you with transactional legal advice related to the sale, purchase, and or ownership of your current property.

Here to Help

Risk Management for Brokers, Agents, Buyers, SellersWe have worked to build long-standing partnerships with high-quality law firms in your area. Whether you have a personal legal issue, have questions regarding documents, or just want some expert advice, our network of attorney are here to help. No hourly fees. No retainers. Just legal answers when you need them most.

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