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Mediation / Resolution

Brokers and Agents Risk Management Program. This program provides legal protection, lawsuit prevention, document review, commission collection, mediation benefits, BRE defense, deductible coverage, and more.  Combined with our Buyer/Seller Risk Management Program you have complete legal protection throughout the transaction.


Information, Mediation, Arbitration

Our Risk Management program works to resolve disputes without litigation. Protecting Brokers and Agents is our top priority. Our Alternative Dispute Resolution program is designed to draw the anger out of the disputes between Buyers and Sellers at its earliest inception and find a way to a peaceful resolution.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Legal Services of America

Providing a valuable service to the Realtors Buyers and Sellers which allows them consultations with an attorney to answer their non-dispute transactional questions, document review at no charge prior to the close of escrow, and mediation services after the close of escrow.


Risk Management for Brokers, Agents, Buyers, Sellers

As a member of Legal Services of America, you’ll be connected to a Panel Attorney in your area that can assist with the exact type of legal matter for which you need help.