About Legal Services of America

Legal Services of America (A Pre-Paid Legal Plan) protects hardworking Realtors through a Proven Risk Management Program.
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Founder ~ Virgil Flores Jr.

Hi, I am Virgil Flores, Jr. President/CEO of Legal Services of America, Inc.  I started selling Risk Management to Realtors back when Amway had the Ultimate Legal Network in 1987.  I left the industry and went on to the car industry for the next seven years where I received multiple awards for my sales skills.

In June of 1997, I came back to the Risk Management Industry where I have spent the last 23 years. With all of my experience in the Risk Management Industry, I have been dedicated to helping Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and their Buyers and Sellers make it through the difficult and daunting task of buying or selling a home.

After great thought, consideration, and prayer, I made the decision to leave my family-owned business and created Legal Services of America, Inc.  I felt the need to make sure that what I was promising to my clients when I sold them, was actually being provided.  The only way to achieve this was to form my own company.

I have been and always will be dedicated to providing my clients and their clients the best Risk Management Program ever.

Proven Risk Management Program

Legal Services of America provides an extensive Risk Management Program for both Brokers & Agents and Buyers & Sellers.  Our Risk Management program for Brokers & Agents is designed to keep the Broker & Agent from being sued and to give them the reassurance that they have someone behind them.  For a complete list of benefits for the Broker & Agent - click right here.  

Our Risk Management Program for Buyers & Sellers is there:

  • Before
  • During
  • After the close of escrow
  • Plus, they receive additional benefits after the close of escrow ~ such as Dispute Resolution.

For a complete list of the "Benefits for the Buyer & Seller" Click here.  You can download the pdf that explains the services available prior to the Close of Escrow and After the Close of Escrow.

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