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With over 30-years of experience, Legal Services of America was established in 2014 and provides legal services through a network of attorneys for the Real Estate industry. These services have been made available as a “Group Legal Service Plan” for our members. Our goal is to provide Peace of Mind before, during, and after the close of escrow.

We have found that most disputes can arise either immediately or shortly after escrow closes, leaving injured parties to feel that their only recourse is to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit.  

Legal Services of America has learned the secret recipe to prevent lawsuits against the Broker and Agents. This is by helping buyers and sellers avoid the expensive and time-consuming hassle of pursuing legal action by providing lifetime mediation services after escrow closes while taking the broker and agent out of the situation.

  • Open: Monday ~ Friday (9 - 5)
  • Address: 7268 Murieta Drive #805 ~ Rancho Murieta, CA 95683
  • Email: admin@legalservicesofamerica.com
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